NY Bae Ace That Look Combo

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Product Highlights

Save the date for that lovely display of your hot eye look with NY Bae’s Date Night Eye Makeup Combo! NY Bae brings to you a Brow-klyn Bridge Brown Eyebrow Pencil and a Black Matte Skeyeliner liquid Eyeliner, making your eyes ready for a glamorous night!


  • Fuller Lips

  • High Color Payoff

  • Intense Pigmentation

  • Long Lasting

  • Non-Irritating

  • Single Stroke Application

  • Smudgeproof

  • Transfer Resistant

  • Water Resistant

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Vitamin E


Fuller Lips,High Color Payoff,Intense Pigmentation,Long Lasting,Non-Irritating,Single Stroke Application,Smudgeproof,Transfer Resistant,Water Resistant


Matte Finish

Makeup Color Family


Product Type

Brow Pencil,Liquid Liner,Tube Lipstick


Cruelty Free


  • Run the world with that NY shadow and sass lurking over your eyes! It’s time you be the queen of the fashionistas of New York and let them envy your stepping trend! Glam up right with NY Bae’s Brow-klyn Bridge Brown Eyebrow Pencil and Black Matte Skeyeliner liquid Eyeliner

  • Look gorgeous with this black eyeliner in a single stroke application
  • Desired to last long and refrain from fading this eyeliner will give you a matte finish and a precise application
  • The brow pencil is designed to add a little hotness and spice to your date look and give you the feel of New York as you trot on that NY walk of fame!