NY Bae Erasin' Dual Tone Nail Lacquer Remover Hibiscus gin 1 (120 ml)- Pack of 2

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Product Highlights

Say goodbye to the old nail look because another one is waiting in the shelf to dominate your brand new look! With NY Bae it's easy peasy to get rid of your old nail look! NY Bae presents Erasin' Dual Tone Nail Lacquer Remover. Enriched with the nourishing properties of Vitamin E, it moisturizes your cuticles and leaves them soft and supple. It comes with a dual-tone formula. The top layer removes the nail lacquer while the bottom layer imparts cuticle nourishment. Get your nail looks changing today with NY Bae Erasin' Dual Tone Nail Lacquer Remover Hibiscus Gin 1


  • Moisturizing

  • Non-Drying

  • Nourishing

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Acetone Free,Cruelty Free,Toxicity Free


  • NY BaeErasin Dual Tone Nail Lacquer Remover is toxin-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free

  • It doesn't consist of acetone and helps in removing the color from your nails instantly
  • It comes with a non-drying formulation that gently removes the nail lacquer without drying out your nails or cuticles
  • A NY BaeErasin; Dual Tone Nail Lacquer Remover is formulated with Vitamin E, an ingredient well-known for its moisturizing properties
  • The 'dual-tone' factor of this Nail Remover helps in giving you the clean canvas for your next nail look while nourishing your nails and cuticles