NY Bae Erasin' Nail Lacquer Remover Pads - 30 pads (43 g)

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Product Highlights

When they say, 'leave the past behind', make sure you count your nail color in! Unpaint your nails in a blink with NY Bae Erasin' Nail Lacquer Remover Pads. Just one swipe and you are ready with a brand new canvas with your new fave nail color. Adorn the Diva-esque nail look! The best part? NY Bae Erasin' Nail Lacquer Remover Pads are free of acetone and acetate. These don't dry out your cuticles and refrain from drying them out. It's effective, it's easy and it's far from messy!


  • Easy to Use

  • Non-Drying

product specifications

Active Ingredients

Olive Oil,Vitamin E


Easy to Use,Non-Drying


Cruelty Free,Toxicity Free,Vegan


  • NY Bae Erasin' Nail Lacquer Remover Pads are enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E and Olive Oil

  • Both of these ingredients are known for their nourishing and skin moisturizing properties
  • Thus, while erasing the nail color, they also keep your nail cuticles hydrated, making them soft and smooth
  • Just one glide is all it takes to perfectly remove the previous nail color
  • Become the new-you by painting your nails a new color!
  • Are you ready?