NY Bae Nail Lacquer, Creme, Brown, Brewin' at Manhattan - Piccolo Latte (6 ml)

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Product Highlights

Only when you thought that nothing is better than the good-old-coffee, these shades here can help you change your opinion. These pigmented colors are here to change the way you dress up your nails. Pigmented and chip-resistant making them stay for a long long time, just how your coffee keeps you awake, for a long long time!


  • Consistent Shade

  • Easy Layering

  • High Color Payoff

  • Long Lasting

  • Single Stroke Application

product specifications

Active Ingredients



Consistent Shade,Easy Layering,High Color Payoff,Long Lasting,Single Stroke Application


Full Coverage

Makeup Color Family



Cruelty Free


  • Just like your fingers do multiple things at once, give your nail paint the power to do the same

  • NY Bae brings to you Creme Brewin' at Manhattan Nail Lacquers
  • Enjoy the freedom to dress up your nails with a super pigmented color
  • The color is as amazing as that 'different-kind-of' coffee you have
  • It's super pigmented color and the rich color payoff is something you'll fall in love with every single time you use it
  • It's easy to use  brush  make sure every corner of your nail is covered
  • The long-lasting and non-chip formula makes it a perfect addition in your vanity
  • The quick-drying formula makes sure you can get back to what you were doing without the worry of spoiling your nails
  • Conquer the world and garner compliments every time you use your fingers
  • Innovation champions bring NY for you in the form of NY Bae Nail Paint
  • The spirit of the vibrant city, captured in a cute bottle
  • Nothing you wear would feel more NY than NY Bae