Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Eyeliner Blue - Tango 2 (4.5 ml)

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Tango is the way to be! NY Bae x Shakti is here, bringing the perfect wing for you! Wink your way with beautiful eyes and let the world know who the true beauty is! NY Bae x Shakti Tango Liquid Eyeliner beautifies your charming eyes with luxurious blue colour and makes you ready to rock the world! They are waiting for your tangy energetic moves, go prove them gurl!


  • Highly Pigmented

  • Long Lasting

  • Smudgeproof

product specifications


Highly Pigmented,Long Lasting,Smudgeproof


Matte Finish

Makeup Color Family


Product Type

Liquid Liner


NY Bae x Shakti


Cruelty Free


  • It's smudge-resistant, it's highly-pigmented, it's long-lasting, it's the all-new, all-classy, NY Bae x Shakti Tango Liquid Eyeliner! Your search for the perfect eye-look ends here! NY Bae x Shakti is your go-to for a best, beautiful and confident look!

  • Get ready to take everyone off their feet with your magnificent stunning eyes! With NY Bae x Shakti Liquid Eyeliner, you are ready to show the world your beauty, your talent and your passion!

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