Shakti’s Bridal Special Combo by Shakti by NY Bae

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Product Highlights

NY Bae brings for you Shakti’s Bridal Special Combo by Shakti by NY Bae. Get ready to look like the prettiest bride. This combo features Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Eyeliner Black - Cha-Cha-Cha (4.5 ml), Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Lipstick Red - Feral Flamenco 5 (2.7 ml), and Shakti By NY Bae Nail Lacquer Metallic Effect Red - Empire State Electro Dance 2 (9ml).


  • It's smudge-resistant, it's highly-pigmented, it's long-lasting, it's the all-new, all-classy, NY Bae x Shakti Liquid Eyeliner! Your search for the perfect eye-look ends here! NY Bae x Shakti is your go-to for a best, beautiful and confident look!

  • Get ready to take everyone off their feet with your magnificent stunning eyes! With NY Bae x Shakti Liquid Eyeliner, you are ready to show the world your beauty, your talent and your passion! Dive in the gallop of gorgeousness and whirl on the beauty of your stunning lips all day long! We have got the 'high life' for you! With high-performance, high-pigment and high lasting power, NY Bae x Shakti Liquid Lipstick Combo has got all your emotions covered and ready
  • Spill your gut feelings or wear your heart on the sleeve, with glamorous lips, you can do it all
  • This combo is curated by Shakti Mohan and created by NY Bae especially for you, so you can rock your game on every date night, brunch or pyjama party
  • Go out there and win the world, you goddess! It's time to adorn your godly nails with the hotness of gorgeous colours
  • We bring you the millennial saga of beautiful nail colours that give you the aesthetic look you always desired
  • Who likes waiting? NY Bae x Shakti presents you one-stroke, quick-drying nail lacquers that easily blend with your fast-paced lifestyle
  • High pigments that last-longer than all your late-night parties combined
  • We are not done yet, yes, there's more! NY Bae X Shakti Liberty Break Dance is a gorgeous colour of nude that offers a chip-resistant formula, so you are ready to rock your best nail look always!