Shakti’s Classic Favorites by Shakti by NY Bae

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Product Highlights

NY Bae brings to you Shakti’s Classic Favorites by Shakti X NY Bae. This combo consists of the all-time favorites from SHakti's makeup closet! This regime features Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Lipstick Nude - Fab Free Style 12 (2.7 ml) and Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Eyeliner Black - Cha-Cha-Cha (4.5 ml)


  • Dive in the gallop of gorgeousness and whirl on the beauty of your stunning lips all day long! We have got the 'high life' for you! With high-performance, high-pigment and high lasting power, NY Bae x Shakti Fab Free Style Liquid Lipstick has got all your emotions covered and ready


    It's smudge-resistant, it's highly-pigmented, it's long-lasting, it's the all-new, all-classy, NY Bae x Shakti Cha Cha CHa Liquid Eyeliner! Your search for the perfect eye-look ends here! NY Bae x Shakti is your go-to for a best, beautiful and confident look!

  • Get ready to take everyone off their feet with your magnificent stunning eyes! With NY Bae x Shakti Liquid Eyeliner, you are ready to show the world your beauty, your talent and your passion!