Shakti’s Lipstick Combo by Shakti by NY Bae

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Product Highlights

NY Bae brings for you Shakti’s Lipstick Combo by Shakti X NY Bae. This combo features Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Lipstick Brown - Sassy Samba 7 and Shakti By NY Bae Liquid Lipstick Nude - Fab Free Style 12. Sassy Samba sets your sass game on point and your lips pouting! Dive in the ocean of glamour, you goddess, this lip shade will only speak of your charm! It's time to spill the charisma of your moves. There is no time to waste girl, only gorgeous moves with Fab Free Style! Dip your lips in the exquisite beauty of excitement and spontaneity and swoo them with your magical beauty.


  • Dive in the gallop of gorgeousness and whirl on the beauty of your stunning lips all day long! We have got the 'high life' for you! With high-performance, high-pigment and high lasting power, NY Bae x Shakti Liquid Lipstick Combo has got all your emotions covered and ready

  • Spill your gut feelings or wear your heart on the sleeve, with glamorous lips, you can do it all
  • This combo is curated by Shakti Mohan and created by NY Bae especially for you, so you can rock your game on every date night, brunch or pyjama party
  • Go out there and win the world, you goddess!